Apply First Aid—       Accredited First Aid Courses in  keeping with the National standards and  requirements of Workplace,  Health and Safety. HLTFA301B
Apply first aid -       
Assess the situation and provide basic care to manage life threatening emergencies (Life Support / CPR)                                                                                                                           
Utilise management skills to prioritise emergency action and manage road accident  
Identify and manage acute illness
Prevent, identify, manage burns & exposure to extreme temperatures 
Identify and manage bleeding, wounds and eye  injuries.                                                                                                                                                                        
Identify, manage bites, stings & poisoning          
Identify, manage bone, joint, chest and abdominal injuries
Communicate details of the incident
Evaluate own performance
CPR Courses— Requiring update annually in keeping with National Standards.    HLTCPR201A
Scene Assessment and Management
Casualty Assessment
Airway Management
Management of Unconscious Breathing Casualty
Expired Air Resuscitation (Rescue Breathing)
            Adults,    Children ,     Infants
Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
            Adults      Children       Infants
OUR COURSES ARE:   Presented in a logical way and in an easy to follow manner.  The Instructor/Examiner is fully qualified & has many years of experience as an Instructor/Examiner of First Aid Competencies & possesses a Certificate 4 as required for Competency Based Training.  

       Anyone wishing to attain a qualification to meet Workplace Health and Safety requirements where Emergency Care response is a duty of care.       
Outdoor Activities Officers
       Pool Attendants & Staff
       All community members.

       Also for people/parents wanting to know the basics of First Aid and CPR for peace of mind in case of family emergency—ie Swimming Pool /Home incident.

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